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Helping you understand the law and how it applies to your business

Keeping up to date with the constant changes in employment law is one of the biggest challenges facing employers: particularly small and medium sized companies.

Whilst it can sometimes feel like a minefield, it is essential that your business is alert to any changes that may affect your business, what they mean for you and the impact they could have.

Our service is all aimed at  guiding you through the pitfalls; helping you understand the law, how it applies to your business and then ensuring that you meet your obligations.

We  are also able to help you understand the legal process and  work alongside you, guiding and advising every step of the way.

We will always provide you  with a professional, accessible and cost effective legal service that meets your business’ needs, whatever your size.

The advice you require could range from taking on a new employee, specific issues with a difficult member of staff, handling grievances to downsizing, redundancy during maternity leave or buying a new business.

Our advice is always straight forward, practical and focused.

If you are facing a claim, we offer comprehensive advice to help you defend it, which is always based on your commercial reality. Defending any claim is stressful, time consuming and can be costly. We work with you to resolve the dispute as quickly and effectively as possible.

We will also aim to provide an estimate ahead of the claim, so you will know exactly what costs are involved; allowing you to make an informed decision at the outset.

In relation to your Employment Documents, every business needs up-to-date, compliant documentation. We can draft contracts for you, as well as preparing handbooks, compromise agreements and writing the policies and procedures specifically for your business.

If your documentation already exists, our free health check will review all your documents to ensure that they're fully compliant and up to date.

We also know it is vital that you keep updated on employment law, so we offer training on many different areas; from equal opportunities and managing sickness absence to conducting investigations and disciplinary proceedings.

We can also provide training on specific areas that are relevant to your business. We are happy to conduct training at your offices to minimise disruption to you and your staff.

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