Flight delay compensation: Court success against British Airways

7th March 2017
Flight compensation claim rejected? We can still help! Many airlines will cite ‘extraordinary circumstances’ as the reason for a flight delay or cancellation, and as a result advise passengers that they are not entitled to compensation. We have found time and time again that this is often, simply not true. Like in the case reported in the national press yesterday (Mirror.co.uk) airlines are claiming extraordinary circumstances in the hope that claimants will not take the matter any further, because they know

Scam warning over fake ‘floor clause’ telephone calls from banks

27th February 2017
Article from Sur in English: The deadline passed this weeks for banks to put steps in place to tell customers that they may be due a refund on their mortgage payments if their loan contract included a hidden 'floor clause'. Lenders will not inform people one by one, but will put details in branches and on websites about the refund process. However, consumer groups have warned about a phone scam whereby a person receives a call with an automated message. Read the full

Sarah Waddington Solicitors welcomes new solicitor

13th February 2017
We are pleased to announce that Lior Hefer has joined Sarah Waddington Solicitors as Senior Solicitor. Lior brings a wealth of legal and regulatory experience in financial services having spent over 15 years working for several household brands in the City of London.   Most recently Lior acted as a Senior Legal Adviser for Lloyds bank Plc (Commercial banking) and Coutts/RBS (Private and Commercial banking)   Prior to moving into the banking sector Lior held a number of senior legal and regulatory roles with AIG,

Spain’s Bankia to refund all clients over “abusive” mortgage clauses

1st February 2017
Article from El Pais Spanish lender Bankia on Monday announced it plans to refund charges to all of its mortgage holders affected by so-called “floor clauses” (cláusulas suelo), which saw a lower limit imposed on monthly mortgage repayments no matter how much the interest rate on the loan fell, and which have been found to be abusive according to a ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ). Some 1.4 million bank customers in Spain are thought to be affected. Read the
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