Introducing April Coone

22nd September 2017
As some of you will already know, we have a fantastic new addition to our Timeshare & Financial Recovery team. April Coone is Sarah Waddington’s new legal secretary and assistant, and we are so pleased to welcome her to our growing team. April is an experienced and highly efficient legal secretary, having worked in an array of legal departments over the years. These include litigation, residential conveyancing, criminal, matrimonial and childcare, wills and probate and employment law. April has also worked

Ryanair Cancellations – Everything you need to know!

20th September 2017
Ryanair Cancellations – What should you do? As many of you will know, Ryanair have recently announced that they will be cancelling up to 60 flights EVERY DAY, over the next few weeks. All in a bid to improve the punctuality of the airline, and compensate for a mix up of pilot’s holiday entitlement. While this may seem like a good thing for the airline and its passengers, in the long run, these cancellations are set to leave hundreds of thousands

Why are Anfi changing their contracts?

11th September 2017
As you may be aware, Anfi timeshare contracts have been under legal scrutiny for quite some time now. This has resulted in legal cases being brought against them and huge losses for the company. It seems that Anfi’s response to this has been to try and rectify their errors by holding a meeting to put forward and pass resolutions.In June 2017, a Special General Meeting was held for timeshare owners in Gran Canaria for Anfi to decide how they were

Fraudsters Stealing Our Name

It has come to our attention that a handful of companies out there are taking advantage of our strong, professional and well-established brand for their own dishonest gains. We take this very seriously.We have spotted a company during our recent checks, who have been advertising across the internet, posing as Sarah Waddington Solicitors Ltd. While their admiration of our work is a compliment, this is fraud and against the law. This company is not SRA registered, and therefore do not follow
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