What Is Compensation?

24th April 2018
When you’ve spent money on something that has not delivered the expected service, the first thought that goes through the most people’s mind is: “I want my money back!”. If you’ve not received what was anticipated when you put your hard-earned money towards something, it’s natural to expect compensation – but what is compensation? And when can you claim for it?Compensation is defined as “something given or received as an equivalent for services”. For example, compensation could be an item

Timeshare Claims In Spain

16th April 2018
In the last years, the Spanish Courts have been dealing with a huge number of claims by which consumers have been requesting the cancellation of a timeshare contract and/or claiming the refund of the amounts paid in relation to the timeshare products (in some cases double the amount) plus any legal interest.There are many non-solicitor Firms who deal with these claims and promise the consumers they will obtain big compensations and results, however, the reality is that it is not

Recent Successes at Sarah Waddington Solicitors

11th April 2018
It has been a busy month here; 3 of our Solicitors Sarah, Stephen and John with the assistance of their teams, have been working tirelessly to relinquish many owners from their Timeshare contracts, and are now fighting with the Financial Ombudsman to ensure that every penny of their deserved compensation is recovered.In fact, in the last month alone, we have seen several of our clients’ relinquishment dreams come true! These have been at Diamond Resorts International, Paradise Kings Club in

Buying A Holiday Home In Spain? What Taxes Should You Know About?

28th March 2018
The Spanish tax authorities (Hacienda) are keen to ensure that UK residents, who own a property in Spain pay their taxes. It is incredibly important for Spanish property owners to ensure they pay their taxes on an annual basis. Even more so now that the Spanish authorities are sending out demands to British citizens, giving an estimated or provisional figure for the amount of tax payable. In conjunction with this they are now also adding interest and further fines, which