Sarah Waddington Meets With MPs to Tackle Timeshare Industry

4th July 2018
As you may be aware we have been trying for some time to get the various authorities to act/assist us with our fight for justice against the Timeshare industry. Finally, on Tuesday 3rd July 2018 Sarah Waddington visited the Westminster office of Tommy Sheppard MP for a meeting about the Timeshare work we are doing; Mr Sheppard was extremely shocked and interested to hear about the industry. More importantly, he is very keen to lend his full weight and support at a government

Holiday Sickness Claims – Then and Now

It has been well documented how, in recent years, there has been an incredible increase in the number of British tourists making holiday sickness claims. With allegation figures between 2013 and 2016 increasing by 500%, that’s over 100 cases per day!However, it has also been well documented how a large proportion of these claims have been fraudulent, in that the claimants have lied about their symptoms and illness, either off their own back, or when encouraged by some claims management

Warning of fraudulent activity!

3rd July 2018
It has been brought to our attention from an enquiry which has been made to this office that an individual called Lance Oakley, has been advising Timeshare Owners that he is working with and he is in some way connected to this firm. We understand that he has secured payment of a substantial amount of money on the premise that he is working with this firm. We have no connection whatsoever to Lance Oakley. Should you be contacted by this

Timeshare Fraudster Jailed

5th June 2018
Our very own expert Timeshare Solicitor Stephen McGlade, a fellow member of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute recently learned of a new arrest within the Timeshare relinquishment industry. The individual in question, operating in the South of England, was found guilty of “his role in the operation of three businesses for fraudulent purposes including Central Marketing 2012 Ltd and Reco Corp Ltd.”The Trading Standards Manager at Bournemouth Borough Council said:“[Frank] Madden was a substantial beneficiary while hundreds of victims from