How To Avoid Nuisance Calls

5th January 2018
Receiving nuisance calls can be incredibly frustrating. We receive calls daily with clients explaining they are being hounded by cold-callers. This is especially rife within the Timeshare industry, where so-called 'Relinquishment Companies' claim they can help you exit your Timeshare. You will also have undoubtedly received a call from an insurance company informing you that you had been in a motor accident.If you are sick and tired of receiving this calls we have some useful ways of limiting and even stopping

Christmas Gift Guide – What Are Your Rights?

8th December 2017
Christmas is nearly upon us once again, and most of us will have already bought presents to give to friends and family. Hopefully, you have chosen well, but spare a thought for recipients who may not like that vibrantly coloured jumper that you thought would have been suitable. If any of your purchases may need to be returned , it’s always wise to know your consumer rights.Surprisingly, unless you purchased your presents online, high street shops are under no legal

The Spanish Floor Clause – What You Should Know

9th November 2017
The Floor Clause, or in Spanish, ‘Clausula Suelo’ was featured in many Spanish Variable Interest Rate (VIR) Mortgages. What this meant for homeowners, was that their Mortgage, designed to increase or decrease interest payments in line with the Euribor, were in fact capped at a minimum, in order to protect the Spanish banks from negative interest.As a result of this, after the initial introductory period, VIR mortgage repayments increased dramatically, with Spanish Homeowners, many of whom were English ex-pats, forced

The Deptherapy Awards 2017

23rd October 2017
Earlier this month our principal solicitor Sarah Waddington, attended to the Deptherapy awards 2017. Deptherapy is our chosen charity, who provide an underwater escape for former soldiers who are suffering from PTSD or who have life-changing injuries. Scuba-diving with Deptherapy gives these men and women the opportunity to escape in total peace, while embracing the physical challenges that Scuba Diving brings.The 2017 award ceremony was a fantastic opportunity to show gratitude, support and admiration for the amazing people the charity supports,
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