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Our FAQs aim to answer any questions you may have about our Timeshare Relinquishment Service. If you have any other questions, please call us on 01924 675 039

1Can you really get me out of my Timeshare contract?
We have successfully negotiated exits for many of our clients. We are proud to say that the pressure we are exerting on the Timeshare companies is starting to pay dividends and they are realising their exposure. We will continue to take our fight to the timeshare clubs to ensure our clients get out, and compensation where possible. We will always act in our clients’ best interest and will not take on any cases where we feel we are unable to successfully assist.
2How much will it cost to get me out of my Timeshare contract?
Your first 30 minute assessment won’t cost you a thing. If we decide you have a case that we can pursue we will offer you our services on an agreed fee basis that will cover all work during your case up to and including issuing proceedings at court to force the timeshare company to release you (subject to a risk assessment confirming that the prospects of success at Court are reasonable). There are no hidden costs and once an agreed fee has been set, it will not change.
3Will you get me my money back?
As part of our timeshare relinquishment service we will also assess whether you are eligible to claim damages from the timeshare company or associated parties in the form of compensation and advise you of this. Any work to be undertaken to secure compensation will fall outside the scope of the timeshare relinquishment service and we will discuss with you the options for funding the additional legal work. We will, in most cases, be willing to fund this aspect of our work through a no win no fee service, known as a “damages based agreement”. This means that you will only have to pay our fees in the event that we are successful and win compensation for you. Our fee will be based on an agreed percentage of the damages we recover on your behalf.
4How long will it take?
Each individual case is different, depending on its complexity. For example a case involving any compensation claim will take longer than a straightforward relinquishment. We will start to work on your case as soon as full payment is made, contracts are signed and we have all your original documents. From the moment the case is launched it can take up to two years before an outcome is reached. Once we have assessed your paperwork we will have a better idea of the timescales for your circumstances, as they can vary. More often than not the timeshare companies will employ as many delay tactics as possible but we will always keep you notified on the status of your case.
5How much money could I get back?
This will depend on your individual case and on what grounds you are eligible to claim for compensation.There are usually two alternative compensation routes:If you purchased by a loan or credit card you may have a claim against your finance provider.If you purchased your product in Spain after 5 January 1999 you may have a claim against your timeshare provider.Our legal team will advise you further on this if we believe you have a valid claim for compensation.
6Can I still use my Timeshare if I start a claim?
As long as you continue to pay your maintenance fees then your membership rights will remain unaffected by legal action.
7I’m still paying for my Timeshare on finance, can I still claim?
Yes. However, please note that you will remain liable to fulfill your contractual obligation to repay your finance agreement unless you receive official notification from the finance company that they will suspend your payments whilst there is an on-going dispute.
8Can I stop paying my management fees?
This is a course of action that we would not suggest. You have signed an agreement (regardless of how one sided) and will continue to be liable for your management fees until you have been relinquished.
9What should I do if I am contacted by someone else saying they can get me out of my Timeshare?

We are aware of a number of companies cold calling people implying they can offer services similar to ours. We do not recommend engaging with these companies or providing them with any personal details.

Due to strict SRA regulations, Solicitors firms are unable to cold call potential clients. We recommend asking the following questions to any company offering to help you with your Timeshare if they are a legitimate company they should be able to provide you with these details.

1- How did you get my number?

2- What is the full name of the company that they are calling from?

3- Are they regulated by the SRA? If so what is their reference number?

4- Are they a U.K company

5- Are they registered with Companies House? If so what is their Company registration number?

It has been our experience that in most cases these firms don’t deliver what they promise, and some even disappear with your money, so do not hand over any money until you are sure you are dealing with a legitimate company.

10Why can't this be done on a 'No Win No Fee' basis?

We have considered this question in detail with our compliance team. The answer to is very simple. Each case is different and it takes a lot of time and effort putting the case together, before we know if there is compensation to be claimed.

We cannot guarantee what the outcome will be, we cannot guarantee that you will secure any compensation or refund. So it is not appropriate to offer this service on a no win no fee basis, as this type of arrangement is generally agreed for cases where there will definitely be compensation awarded at the end of the case.

It will also depend upon your specific instructions as this is what we act upon. Some members do not want compensation they just want to be free of their timeshare ownership as quickly as possible, while other members want to pursue a full claim.

11What should I do if the Timeshare company threaten to involve a third party to collect maintenance fee debt?
You should advise your Legal team of this immediately and provide them with the correspondence to deal with on your behalf. If you do not have any legal advice, we would advise you to seek this straight away as you do not want the risk of this affecting your credit rating, or the high costs of defending yourself in court.
12Can the Timeshare company cancel a holiday I have booked using points which I have paid for?
You should check the 'Club Constitution' but often you will find that there is provision for the Timeshare company to cancel any existing bookings if you have not paid your maintenance fees. The rule generally is that the maintenance fees must be paid for the year you are actually taking the booking/holiday.
13What should I do if the Timeshare company tries to contact me?

Upon instructing us to represent you we will send a letter to the Timeshare company letting them know we are acting on your behalf, and to send all future correspondence directly to us. Unfortunately, the Timeshare companies ignore this and try to make direct contact with you to offer schemes to get out. These will always require you to pay more money and usually, they will insist you sign an agreement not to pursue them for compensation.

If the Timeshare company continues to try and contact you, you can reiterate that you have instructed us and for them to liaise with us directly and that you will not answer any more correspondence from them.

14Why can't you provide me with a time-frame of how long it will take?

As each case is different, we deal with them all on an individual basis and therefore the time-frame will depend on how long the matter takes to prepare.

Some cases are more complex than others, some Timeshare companies take longer to respond than others, and each correspondence with the Timeshare company will require a different response or action from us. Therefore it is very difficult to predict how long matters will take to conclude. It is in the timeshare companies best interest is to slow down every case as much as they can in the hope you will give up or lose the will to fight them. It’s our job to persistently fight your corner for you until we get a successful outcome, which takes time to do properly.

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