Flight Delay Claims Process

Flight Delay Compensation Stages

When customers approach us with their flight delay case, we tailor the situation accordingly in relation to the delay type, the airline involved and the delay duration. Here is a detailed breakdown of the stages we follow:

Details Regarding Your Flight Delay: If you’ve been on a delayed flight and feel that your due back compensation, its important that you secure all details regarding the delay which you can then relay to professionals like us. We require evidence and information which will be useful when dealing with the airline themselves.

Writing to the Airline: Once we’ve attained all flight delay details, we will then collate this information and begin our letter which will then be sent directly to the airline. Within this letter, it will outline the proposed case, all necessary information and the amount of compensation that our client is expecting back.

Airline’s Response: After sending the flight delay letter off to the airline, we patiently await their response. During this time, we stay in contact with our clients and keep them updated on any recent or new progressions which have taken place.

Next Course of Action: If the airline responds in good time, we will then base our next course of action upon the reply we receive. If the response isn’t as expected, then we may need to take further action, and this is something we will discuss with the client in detail.

Why we recommend enlisting professional assistance

If you’ve experienced a flight delay, you may believe that you can deal with the case by yourself. Even though this may be the case, many people fail to consider the outcomes which could arise as a result of the airlines not complying with compensation guidelines. Whereas, if you decided to seek advice and guidance from solicitors like us, we offer a professional opinion and our experience in the sector will allow us to successfully execute your flight delay claim.

Our main objective is to ensure that clients receive back the compensation they deserve - as well as fulfilling all service expectations during the claims process.

Begin the Claim Process Today

Our professional team of solicitors have the ability to deal with all flight delay claims in a timely manner. If you’ve experienced an issue on a booked flight in the last 6 years, and were delayed for over 3 hours, you may be eligible to claim compensation. Send us a message or call us on 01924 601 112 and we will start the process for you ASAP.

In regard to the flight delay and making an eligible claim, the more documentation we have, the faster we can start processing your claim. Just provide us with what you currently have, e.g. boarding pass, a copy of a valid passport and we will help with filling out any outstanding information which is required to make a claim.

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