Timeshare Scams

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Unfortunately, scams are not uncommon in the Timeshare industry.

There are a lot of organisations out there that appear to be attempting to profit from individuals desperate to escape Timeshare contracts.

Many companies advertising to help people out of their Timeshare contracts or offering advice are in fact Timeshare companies in their own right, or are funded themselves by the Timeshare companies. They force you to buy a new product in order to get out of your existing contract, and often still don’t get you out.

Most scams originate from a cold call.

We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and adhere to strict compliance guidelines. We will never cold call you and will not accept clients from any companies that have undertaken cold calling.

You may have received a call from a company promising to buy your Timeshare or secure your release, often this can lead to further disappointment and cost when it doesn’t happen. It can also make your situation more complicated adding to your despair and frustration.

This is why securing trusted advice from an early stage is so important. You should always be thorough with anyone you choose to accept help from. If you are simply looking to sell your Timeshare always deal with a credible and reputable company that you know follows the law.

If you want to legally get out of your Timeshare, make sure you use a registered solicitor’s firm like Sarah Waddington Solicitors Ltd. All solicitors have to be Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and you can check if a firm is officially registered at www.lawsociety.org.uk

To find out how much you might pay over the duration of your Timeshare agreement you can use our calculator here.

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